Let's Get Shifty

Shift your snowboard stance on the fly to eliminate joint pressure.

Move Naturally With Shifty Gear

Adjust Angle Instantly

Rotate your foot 360 degrees with the Shifty Disk installed underneath your snowboard instead of going to the workbench and unscrewing your bindings.  

Lock Into Place

Change your stance at any 5-degree angle with a simple pull of the leash. Then let go to lock the binding back in place.

Eliminate Torque

Shifty Gear takes the pressure off your knees, hips and ankles whether you’re waiting in line, on the lift, or snowboarding in various terrains and conditions.

How Shifty Disk Works

What People Are Saying

"As someone who has had knee pain for years, this device has been super nifty! It takes away the strain when I’m on the chair lift and it allows me to skate when I'm making my way to the lift line. Being able to sit on the lift as if I'm sitting without a board has seriously changed snowboarding for me."

- Nikki

How To Install

With Shifty Gear, you only need to go to the workbench and unscrew your bindings once. Then, you can adjust your stance whenever, wherever, and as many times as possible.

To install, remove your binding and then follow 5 easy steps. Watch our video instructions to get a better understanding of how to attach Shifty Gear to your snowboard.

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The Mammoth X Shifty Gear Experience

We are a young brand with a sick place to stay in Mammoth, so we’re inviting people to join us this winter and help test out some gear.

Macro influencers stay free. Micro-influencers stay mega cheap. Product testers stay cheaper than any other place. Influencers do not need to snowboard well to get this deal!

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