About Shifty Gear


We are a group of snow-loving adventurers based in Mammoth Lakes, CA who have been injured enough to want to protect our joints. The Shifty Disk was created to model skateboarding by taking the pressure off the knee and hip when riders are waiting in line or on the lift.

What is a Shifty Disk Base Plate?

Shifty is a disk you install underneath your snowboard binding that allows you to rotate your foot 360 degrees. The rotation locks at any 5 degree angle once the rider releases the leash and the binding automatically locks back into place. Here's how it works.

Who's Shifty For?

Shifty is perfect for everyone, from beginner riders who are unsure how they like their stance, to advanced riders who want to change their stance depending on snow conditions. Plus, it’s great for the more mature rider who feels the wear and tear on their joints more easily or anyone with pre-existing knee, ankle, and hip injuries.

Reach Out To Us

Contact us with questions, comments, or if you're interested in joining the team. You can also email kyle@shiftygearco.com


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